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Digital Announcer solutions to easily deliver live, repeated, scheduled, and event-triggered messages to multiple zones.

With robust standard features and even more robust options, Instaplay will meet or exceed the most demanding requirements.

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Glossary of Alarmco-specific terms

    If not specified, refer to industry-standard definitions.

Playlist — In its simplest form, a Playlist contains one message. However, Instaplay's Playlists can contain a series of actions that are to be performed sequentially.  Each time a Control Input or a scheduled entry is activated, a playlist is invoked.  Playlists can include the following activities:

  • Play a user message
  • Run an embedded playlist
  • Set the overall message spacing
  • Turn a Relay ON or OFF or set it to operate automatically
  • Play a factory-installed message
  • Wait a specific amount of time
  • Wait for a contact CLOSURE or OPEN
  • Change an audio output volume
  • Enable different or multiple audio output channels
  • Virtually activate a Control Input
  • Initiate an outgoing cell or telephone call

Control Input — Triggering a Control Input causes its respective playlist to run.  A Control Input is ON when it receives a closure from an attached button or device.   Up to 16 Control Inputs are available on a single Instaplay. Up to 30 physical contact closure inputs can be achieved with 2 Instaplays that each have the 2 Relay (-2R) Option.

Virtual Control Input — Activation of a Control Input can be simulated by touch-tone commands (from an attached Control Phone or an optional remote dial-in phone line) or ASCII commands (from a Serial Link or Ethernet interface).  Additionally, Instaplay's Scheduler can be programmed to activate Playlists automatically using this feature.

Recording Capacity — Instaplays are available with up to 3 hours of recorded messages. This recording capacity can be divided among any number of messages, up to 500 total.  The "capacity" of each individual message is the actual length of the message, regardless of how often it may be activated, or scheduled to play.

Audio Output Channel — Messages and music are played out the Audio Output Channel. The audio output of the Instaplay is generally attached to the audio input of an amplifier, which in turn drives a speaker. Up to seven audio output channels are available. With these additional outputs, Instaplay can broadcast to multiple locations simultaneously. If different messages are to be broadcast to different audio output channels, the messages will be "stacked" and played sequentially.

Music Playthrough — Background music can be routed and controlled through the Instaplay and automatically muted during message playback.



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