Digital Announcer solutions to easily deliver live, repeated, scheduled, and event-triggered messages to multiple zones.

With robust standard features and even more robust options, Instaplay will meet or exceed the most demanding requirements.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit in my equipment rack?

Yes. Instaplay occupies 1 unit of height in a standard 19" rack. Additionally, it could be mounted under a cabinet or shelf and it has rubber feet so that it can sit on top of a shelf.

Where are your products manufactured?

ALARMCO products are all designed and manufactured in the United States. We exclusively use US-based labor and strive to source as many products and components as possible from US-based companies.

Do I have to buy from a Distributor?

ALARMCO does not use a distributor network. We sell directly to sound contractors and end users.

Can I use the same announcer for on-hold and in-store messaging?

Yes, if you order an Instaplay with multiple audio output channels.

Why should I consider upgrading my old Instaplay?

The new Instaplays function just like the older ones for simple applications. Their reliability is very high and they should continue to function for many years. If you are happy with the way your Instaplay functions, there is no need to upgrade.

However, if you are running out of recording capacity, you may want to think about a new model, as they can provide up to three hours of recording capacity for your messages.

If you'd like to have a scheduler included with your triggered messages, this is another reason to consider an upgrade.

If you've got issues with frequent power outages, the new models are equipped with non-volatile memory for your messages and programming.

If you make a lot of changes to your playlists on a regular basis, you may want to consider getting a new model with a Serial Link or Ethernet option. Playlists can be stored and edited with your computer's text editor and then transferred to the Instaplay.

Can Instaplay be installed outside?

Instaplay can operate reliability in harsh environments. All comonents are rated to function properly, whether the temperature is 40°F below zero or 185°F above. Instaplay would need to be encased in an environmentally-sealed box.

Where can I get one?

You can contact our office. We sell directly to sound contractors and end users. Professional contractors who are purchasing Instaplay for resale are eligible for discounted pricing.

What happens if the power goes out?

When the inevitible happens, Instaplay can automatically switch to operate from a backup battery. If you are concerned about remote access if the telephone lines go down, you may want to consider the Radio Control option, which allows communication with the Instaplay using a Duplex Radio. This redundancy is ideal for mission-critical and life safety applications.

Are they always in stock? What is the delivery time?

Each Instaplay is custom-built for you. You order the features you want and need on an à la carte basis. Once we receive your order, your Instaplay will go into production. We generally ship the Instaplay within a few days after we receive your order. Units that are ordered with upgraded delivery methods (such as Next Day Air) can usually be moved to the front of the queue.

Can I order Instaplays with custom messages already installed?

Yes. You can send your messages to us for processing. We can store them as user messages (which can be changed or deleted) or we can store them as Factory messages (which would make them a permanent part of the verbiage).

Our company paid a professional studio to record custom messages for us. Can they be loaded into the Instaplay?

Yes. Any audio files can be loaded into the Instplay via line-level input. If your messages are on CD, just connect your CD player to the Instaplay to transfer the audio. If your messages are on your computer, connect your audio output jack from your computer to the Instaplay.

What about digital download?

Instaplay's messages are stored in Alarmco's internal WVX format, which is similar to WAV format, with additional information specific to Instaplay. Audio files to be downloaded to Instaplay must first be converted to WVX format, which can be done with our free Audio File Conversion program. The properly formatted audio files can then be digitally downloaded to the Instaplay.

Who are your customers?

Alarmco products are used in virtually every type of business and industry. Our customers include retail stores, law inforcement agencies, manufacturers, airports, transportation services, tourism industry, stadiums, railroads, warehouses, casinos, national parks, penetentiaries, museums, hospitals, air traffic control, and more.

How much power does Instaplay use?

Instaplays are very energy conscious, drawing less than 100 mA at 12 VDC.

Is Instaplay a "green" product?

The vast majority of the components in Instaplay are lead-free / RoHS compliant. One hundred percent of Alarmco's electricity comes from renewable sources.



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