Digital Announcer solutions to easily deliver live, repeated, scheduled, and event-triggered messages to multiple zones.

With robust standard features and even more robust options, Instaplay will meet or exceed the most demanding requirements.



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Features & Benefits

AC/DC Power - Various power choices are available on all models - between 12 and 16 VAC or 12 and 24 VDC, either 50Hz or 60 Hz. Both types of power can be connected simultaneously to permit backup during power outages. Instaplay can run directly from a re-chargeable battery.

Control Inputs, Physical - Instaplay can be physically activated by a "contact closure" or electrical short (4, 8, or 16 depending on model), such as a button connected to one of its Control Inputs and a "common" screw marked "C," adjacent to it.

Control Inputs, Virtual - A Control Input can be "activated" virtually using the Control Phone or any available optional source, including the Scheduler, a remote telephone, an RS-232 serial port, or an Ethernet connection. Up to 128 virtual control inputs are available.

Factory-Installed Messages - Various pre-recorded tones are recorded in each unit which can be added to Playlists.

Industrial Grade Components - Instaplay can operate reliably in harsh environments. All components are rated to function properly, whether the temperature is 40°F below zero or 185°F above.

Message 99 - With the Telephone Control option, message 99 will be played to greet the caller over the phone line when the announcer answers the telephone.

Multiple Audio Outputs - When ordered with additional audio outputs, the user can specify which outputs are active while running through a playlist. One announcer can be used for up to 7 unique locations.

Music Playthrough - Automatically switches an incoming audio source through to the audio output channel between messages. Any background music that is playing through the paging system can be controlled with the Instaplay to eliminate potential conflicts with the overhead paging system.

Playlists - In addition to a single message being able to be played on demand, Instaplay can activate a playlist that can contain numerous activities. At a specific time (with the Scheduler Option) or when requested (with a Control input), audio output channels or volumes can be changed, numerous messages can be played in any order, with pre-reorded factory sounds included. Additional Control Inputs can even be activated.

Radio Control - Provides remote access over an audio channel and signalling to "key" a transmitter.

Relay, Automatic - A standard feature, all units contain a relay which energizes (closes) during message play to provide control of an external device such as an amplifier or flashing lights.

Relay, Programmable - With the Relay Control (-RC) option, the announcer can be set up to turn relays ON or OFF or be set with an automatic timer as it runs through a playlist triggered by a Control Input operation or the optional Scheduler.

Remote Programmability - With the numerous remote options available, messages can be changed and Instaplay can be programmed from any remote location.

Scheduler - The Scheduler option provides 300 schedules. With this option, different activities can be scheduled to happen automatically on a daily, weekly, or annual basis. Store closing announcements, shift change announcements, or time-of-day advertising messages can occur without personnel involvement. Instaplay's clock can easily be synchronized to your Master Clock.

Combined with the Virtual Control Input feature, the Scheduler can be used to control the starting and stopping of varying playlists at different times during a day or on different days of the week. Additionally, the Scheduler can change audio output levels or switch relays on and off. A single schedule entry is a powerful thing.

Security Code - With the optional dial-in "Telephone Control" feature, access to the announcer can be restricted to authorized callers.

Serial Link - Allows connection of a computer for control, or for entering playlists created/edited on the computer. With the Serial Link option, up to 128 control inputs can be activated by a computer or PLC.

Status Check - Current activity or settings provided through the phone connection or serial port.

Variable message spacing - Spacing between messages can be set to a uniform number of seconds, or can be varied throughout a playlist. With the Scheduler option, it can be varied by the time of day or day of the week.

Variable repeats - A contact closure to a Control Input can cause the requested playlist to play between one and nine times, or tocontinue to repeat for the duration of the closure.

Voice Prompts - Easy programming with pre-recorded instruction provided on both local and remote phone connections .




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