Digital solutions to easily deliver live, repeated, scheduled, and event-triggered messages to multiple zones.

With robust standard features and even more robust options, Instaplay will meet or exceed the most demanding requirements.


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How businesses are using INSTAPLAY™


With solid state reliability, intelligent digital message repeaters are used for many different applications that require digital voice announcing.  Here are just a few:

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Alarm announcing
The Instaplay message repeater is an ideal alarm annunciator -- everything from out of range conditions for equipment, to emergency building evacuation, to covert alarms. Instaplay can let security or office personnel know when a door is opened or an area is entered. All messages will broadcast in a round-robin fashion until the condition is reset. Or Control Inputs can be prioritized so that specific messages take precidence over less important ones.

Factory Safety, Alarms, and Just-in-Time Manufacturing
Many factories rely on voice technology to make their environments safer and more productive. Instaplay is being used for inventory control at factories that employ just-in-time manufacturing techniques. Instaplay Digital Announcers are used in other factories to indicate temperature out of range conditions. Other manufacturers use Instaplay to play safety messages that are linked to the operations of dangerous equipment.   Click here for a Factory data sheet.


Hospital Code Blue and Birth Announcements
With the touch of a button or flick of a switch, this digital voice announcer can dispatch the correct medical personnel to a specific hospital location. When not in emergency use, Instaplay can be used to play "Brahms Lullaby" to welcome a new baby into the world.   Click here for a Healthcare data sheet.

In-Store Assistance
Instaplay can help to provide excellent customer care, while reducing the expense associated with excess manpower. Customers push one of 16 buttons to trigger messages indicating in which department or aisle the assistance is required. Each department can define its own parameters.

Message on Hold
Instaplay's messages can automatically change from one day to the next, or from one hour to the next. You may not want to give your customers the same message in the evening as you do in the morning. With an Instaplay digital message repeater this is easily accomplished. 

Storecasting with automatic day-parting
Instaplay's 365-day scheduler is ideal for retail storecasting advertisements. Instaplay can play your Wednesday special each week without reprogramming. It can advertise for coffee and doughnuts in the morning, milk and cookies after school, and beer and popcorn in the evening -- or anything else that's appropriate for your business. With Instaplay, you're not limited to just a few messages or just a few programming schedules. With the Telephone Control option, messages and programming can even be changed at all branch locations from a your main office.

Automatic Store Closing Announcements
With its 365-day Scheduler, the Instaplay digital voice recorder can perform all messages related to store closings - at a different time each day, if necessary. Instaplay can automatically inform customers when it's time to take their layaway purchases to the layaway desk, when it's time to make their final purchases, and so forth.

Museum exhibits and kiosks
Interactive displays allow museum visitors to specify what they want to hear about. Visitors can even request information in different languages.


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