Digital Announcer solutions to easily deliver live, repeated, scheduled, and event-triggered messages to multiple zones.

With robust standard features and even more robust options, Instaplay will meet or exceed the most demanding requirements.

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Who we are:

ALARMCO® is a privately held company specializing in digital voice technology. For over 30 years, ALARMCO has been at the forefront of this industry.

In 1978, under contract to a security company, we developed the first commercial alarm panel using digitized voice technology.  In its infancy, digital voice was very robotic sounding at the time.

In 1986, we launched our own digital voice product line of message repeaters using human speech.

In 1988,   Alarmco was the first in the industry to offer message repeaters with hundreds of user-recordable messages.

Throughout the years, Instaplay's functionality has been continually expanded, improved, and refined.

ALARMCO products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Our sales and technical support staff are always ready to discuss specific applications.   Give us a call!


We're committed to providing products and services that solve real-world problems to give you the competitive advantage.



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